Drake Wants and Needs Lyrics

Drake’s new EP, Scary Hours 2, features three new tracks that discuss life’s essential needs. Drake ponders what it means to live a meaningful life. In his new song, “Wants & Needs,” he describes some of life’s necessities, including food and shelter.


The lyrics of Drake’s new single “Wants and Needs” are already causing a stir. The rapper has previously had beef with Kanye West, and this new song is no different. Although it may seem like Drake is merely trying to sway his listeners, the lines in the song are very telling. Drake claims that he is not cheating on Kim, but Kanye doesn’t believe it.

Drake’s Wants and Needs lyrics focus on comparing what a person wants to what he needs in life. He also mentions how important it is to have faith in God, and lists what he needs in his life. The song also features Dez Wright and Cardo.

Lil Baby

Drake has had a lot of success in the past few years. He has a number of top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 and was named Artist of the Decade at the Billboard Music Awards in 2021. He doesn’t care about chart placement, but rather wants to be the best at everything he does. The young rapper plays basketball for fun, and he’s constantly trying to become better.

Fans of Drake have known what to expect from his music, but his latest release is something different. The track is a clever spin on a familiar topic: rappers extolling their own status. It was produced by Aubrey Graham, who also wrote the song. Wants and Needs is set for release on 12th March, 2021.

Dominique Jones

Wants and Needs is a song by Drake that features Lil Baby. It was released on March 12th, 2021. The lyrics were written by Dominique Jones and Aubrey Graham. Dominique Jones also wrote the music for the song. Here are some of the lyrics to Wants and Needs.

The song’s lyrics talk about wanting more but not necessarily getting what we really need. It reflects today’s society, which is full of constant consumerist desires. From the newest phones to the most fashionable clothing, it seems everyone is constantly looking for more things. Despite the constant clamor for more, we should learn to be content with what we have.

Ronald Latour

Wants and Needs is a song by Drake and Lil Baby. The song features lyrics written by Ronald Latour, Dominique Jones, Aubrey Drake Graham, and Noah James Shebib. The song’s positive message has made it a top hit since its release in 2021.

Wants and Needs lyrics are about the different needs and wants of different people. The lyrics are about how the music industry works and how different people interact in this industry. Drake’s Wants and Needs song features Lil Baby, an American rapper.

Dylan Taylor Cleary-krell

“Wants and Needs” is the title of Drake’s new song from his Scary Hours 2 album. The song features American rapper Lil Baby.

Drake’s verse has also sparked controversy in songs by Kanye West. Wants and Needs is the second single from Scary Hours 2.

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