Conversational Messaging Tears Down Barriers Between Your Brand and Customers

Conversational Messaging Tears Down Barriers Between Your Brand and Customers

Conversational messaging breaks down barriers in customer-brand communication by making your interactions more natural. With the right text marketing strategy, customers can communicate with your brand like a friend or co-worker. It makes sense to build trust and rapport to better understand client needs. Two-way communication makes this process dynamic, providing customers and prospects with real-time answers. 

Effective SMS campaigns create a personalized experience and enable you to reach your target audience in their digital stomping grounds. When you use this communication method to deliver customized recommendations, customers will feel heard and become more loyal to your brand. You can also reach them on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and similar messaging platforms using the same tools.

The Rise of Conversational Messaging

Artificial intelligence chatbots, voice capabilities, speech recognition, and rich messaging channels transform the customer experience, making it easier and less time-consuming to get the exact products and services they want or need from your brand.

Here’s how you can make it work for your brand’s marketing, commerce, and customer support:

Marketing: Forget about blasting out advertisements meant to appeal to a broad audience. That’s a losing battle. SMS campaigns create targeted, relevant messages based on a customer’s interests. For example, a bank could promote savings and investment products by sending messages on WhatsApp, Instagram, RCS, GBM, and Line. The messages might contain links to a WhatsApp bot that answers responses intelligently or assists customers with order placement.

— Commerce: Conversational marketing incorporates order fulfillment, delivery schedules, and payments. For an airline, that means clients can book trips and manage travel itineraries in the same place where they check their flight status. Even better, you can send them automatic reminders and updates, including order processing and shipping details.

— Support: Send proactive post-purchase updates, such as account activation and out-for-delivery messages. This is a free service that customers appreciate and it can reduce the call volume in your contact centers significantly.

Overcoming Communication Barriers 

How can you overcome communication barriers to support and serve customers from diverse backgrounds? Follow these tips:

Language: Do you market to customers who speak multiple native languages? You can use a translation service to automatically convert your messages into the relevant language. Quality assurance is a vital component of this process.

— Time zone: Do you need an advanced scheduling system that can send your text marketing campaigns to people in different time zones? Mitto offers comprehensive SMS campaign solutions that take time zones and customer preferences into account.

— Accessibility: Make sure your texts are accessible to customers who have differing abilities. Incorporate simple language and avoid jargon to minimize confusion and miscommunication.

Personalization and Contextual Engagement

Do you want to encourage real-time conversations with clients across various platforms? WhatsApp Business, chatbots, and Facebook Messenger can help your company create quality customer experiences.

Conversational marketing moves customers further along in the sales funnel with contextual engagement. For example, your messages can include individualized product suggestions or help customers navigate the purchasing process.

Building Trust and Relationships

Boost customer loyalty by creating a more emotional connection with your prospects. Customers feel valued after a friendly conversation with brands that know how to weave empathy and personality into their campaigns and responses. This is achievable when you engage customers through responsive AI chat tools.

You can deepen the customer-brand connection with memorable interactions that leave customers feeling appreciated. This shows that your company cares about the feedback provided by current and future customers. It’s possible to build compelling campaigns that solve problems or offer rewards.

Seamless Omnichannel Experiences 

Here’s how Mitto can help you break down the walls between your brand and your customers with seamless omnichannel experiences:

Single customer view: The platform allows you to track customer interactions across all channels.

— Automated workflows: The tools help you automate customer interactions, such as sending welcome messages or providing support through omnichannel messaging.

— Analytics: You’ll receive timely and relevant analytics on customer interactions, such as channel preferences and engagement levels. This helps you build a true omnichannel experience.

The platform makes it easy for you to provide a consistent experience and erase the barriers between your brand and customers. 

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