Don Julio 70 – A Cristalino Tequila

Don Julio 70 is a unique tequila that celebrates the 70th anniversary of the brand. Its clear appearance makes it stand out among other tequilas. This special release was aged for 18 months, which gives it a powerful charred oak flavor with notes of honey and vanilla. Its finish is sweet and banana-like.


To celebrate Don Julio’s 70th anniversary, the company created a new tequila that brings the complexity of anejo and the softness of blanco together. It is aged 18 months in American white oak barrels and filtered to bring out the crunchy agave flavor. Don Julio Anejo 70 is the culmination of 70 years of knowledge and experience.

The aroma of Don Julio Anejo 70 is complex, with vanilla, oak, and a rich cinnamon flavor. It finishes with a long finish that is not overly sweet.


Cristalino Don Julio 70 is a blend of anejo and blanco tequilas aged in American white oak barrels. The result is a delicious and complex spirit that combines the softness of a blanco with the complexity of an anejo. Created in honor of the company’s 70th anniversary, Don Julio 70 is a perfect way to mark the occasion with a classic sip of a tequila.

Don Julio 70 is a blend of anejo and blanco tequilas aged in American roble barrels for at least eight months. The result is a unique, long-lasting experience. Its agave notes and filtered finish make it a favorite of many.


This trademark includes the words “DON JULIO 70, 1942” and a two-dimensional silhouette design of a man wearing a hat. In addition to the silhouette, the trademark also features numbers above it, as well as a looping line design originating from the “J” in the trademark. The curved lines on either side of the mark are a reference to the vintage of the tequila.

While it has a smooth taste, it does not compare to its legendary cousin, Don Julio 70. This tequila is more complex and contains notes of pepper and cooked agave from Mexico. Whether you are sipping it on its own or adding it to a cocktail, it’s definitely worth a try.

La Primavera Negra

The brand of tequila Don Julio is one of the most popular brands in the world.His goal was to create a tequila that would be a favorite among consumers.

The brand’s Don Julio Tequila is a distinctly complex drink. The result is a smooth, rich drink with citrus and caramel chocolate undertones.


Don Julio 70 – Agave Tequila is a premium blue agave spirit produced using thred process of distillation. t features a crisp agave flavor with hints of citrus. It is a perfect choice for celebrations.

I also has a hint of vanilla and soft oak. The finish is mostly sweet with a slight spiciness. It is a solid all-around choice for those who appreciate a classic unaged tequila.

Activated charcoal

Don Julio 70 is an activated charcoal tequila that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as a cocktail. Its black color comes from the addition of activated charcoal, which is a non-harmful additive that doesn’t affect the drink’s texture.

This is a process that preserves the sweet, blue agave flavor. In contrast, other types of filtered tequila lose their nuances and become bland and dull. This makes Don Julio 70 the best in class.

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