Should You Buy, Rent Or Repair Your Smartphone?

Today smartphones are like a second limb for humans. The smartphone has simplified all these tasks for you, be it net banking, directions, or ordering food.

It’s probably why about 79.60% of Australians own a phone, which is the second highest global cell phone penetration rate.

While a wide range of smartphones is available, not everyone can buy one. As such, you must consider alternatives like renting or phone repair in Brisbane. Especially if you’re an outstation student.

Keep reading this article to understand if you should buy, rent, or repair a phone.

Why should you rent a phone?

Renting a Smartphone is a practical practice on various fronts. To rent a phone, you need to sign a contract with a smartphone leasing service for an affordable fee.

However, do note that this fee is a recurring payment. The fee cycle or instalment can be weekly, quarterly or monthly, per your contract.  

The total lease cost you’ll be paying for the phone cumulatively would still be less than the device’s original price. 

Moreover, you don’t need to pay a hefty sum upfront while renting a phone. It’s an efficient way to save on additional costs if you’re an international student/visitor/worker. 

Perks of repairing your cell phone 

Repairing your phone is an excellent way to cut expenditures. It also saves you from the need to transfer/retrieve your data to another device. 

There’s indeed a time limit on your phone’s seamless functioning. And when it reaches that point, its functioning will become much more restricted. It won’t support the latest upgrades of apps and can hang up frequently. 

Once your cell has been completed, replacing it with a new device is reasonable, but if it’s working fine, why not just repair it? 

Did you know that apart from phone repair in Brisbane, there are also certain agencies that offer replacement services? 

If your phone gets too sluggish to use, replacing it with a second is also quite practical.

Should you buy a new phone? 

You should buy a phone only as a last resort, not because of the “allure of shiny technology.” 

Today, you can find a new smartphone launch every couple of days, all thanks to ever-evolving technology and cutthroat competition in the IT industry. However, you should only invest in a new one if it’s extremely necessary.

Buying a new phone should be driven by necessity and not by the glamour of a shiny device. 

If you feel the device is working slow or doesn’t last an entire day, try replacing the battery. You can quickly accomplish the job in any service centre or independent phone repairing services. 

If you’ve run out of space, delete unneeded apps and media from your phone. Doing so will free up enough internal memory for it to function optimally. You can also upload a certain amount of data to cloud storage to free up more internal space.

Summing up

Before buying a new phone, it’s essential that you clearly articulate your needs. If you need a cell phone for tasks like calls, messaging, or web browsing, then repairing your current device will do. 

However, it’s another story if your device is not supporting new upgrades from its manufacturer. New upgrades installation is critical as they fill security vulnerabilities. If these updates aren’t installed on time, your device’s security can be jeopardised.

In such a case, buying a new phone becomes plausible. Therefore, it’s essential that you carefully weigh your options before purchasing a new phone.

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