Best IPL 2022 Players For Your Fantasy Cricket Team

Best IPL 2022 Players For Your Fantasy Cricket Team

The 15th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 ended on Sunday with a record-breaking crowd of more than a lakh cricket fans watching Gujarat Titans beat Rajasthan Royals to win the championship trophy. In addition to enjoying the IPL, most people have also enjoyed creating their fantasy cricket team on a sports fantasy app. 

Fantasy cricket is a virtual sport where you can form a team of 11 real-life players on a sports fantasy app. Points will be awarded based on how well those players perform in real life. It all comes down to having the right skills and knowledge in cricket fantasy league

While conducting your research to form a master-blaster team, keep the following in mind:

Check the recent performance statistics of all the players

weather and pitch report 

Choose the best captain and vice-captain

Choose the best performing batsmen and bowlers

You will perform admirably in the matches if you conduct adequate research and plan ahead of time. Choose your captain and vice-captain wisely, as their performance will determine the majority of your points. 

If you had selected these best performers of the IPL 2022, then surely they wouldn’t have disappointed you.

1. Jos Butler

Many awards went to Jos Butler of the Rajasthan Royals who played exceptionally well. The opposing team was too good for them; otherwise, RR would have easily won the trophy. He scored the most runs in this IPL season, 863 in 17 innings, and was far ahead of second-placed KL Rahul, who scored 616 in 15 innings. He also has the most sixes and fours, 45 sixes, and 83 fours. His performance this season earned him the title of most valuable player. Your fantasy cricket team would have had an excellent captain if he had been chosen.

2. KL Rahul

In their first year, the new additions to the IPL 2022 gave the best performances and won the hearts of the fans. Lucknow Super Giants’ KL Rahul gave a packed performance with his batting and captaincy. He is the IPL 2022 season’s second-highest run-scorer, with 616 runs in 15 innings and two centuries against Mumbai Indians. Under his captaincy, the team won nine times and lost five times in 14 games. Rahul should be the first choice for captain or vice-captain of your fantasy cricket team.

3. Umran Malik

Sunrisers Umran Malik of Hyderabad delivered an unforgettable performance this season. Malik, who is from Jammu and Kashmir, holds the record for the fastest delivery bowled in IPL 2022, regularly clocking 150 kmph. Malik is currently in first place after clocking 157 kmph in the 15th edition. He broke his record from last year and came within a whisker of breaking Shaun Tait’s IPL record of 157.71.

4. Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya, captain of the IPL 2022 trophy-winning team, is known for his explosive batting but maintained his composure during the IPL season. With 487 runs in 15 innings this season, Hardik is the fourth-highest run-scorer. He took 3 wickets with the ball along with his all-around performance, including key wickets of Jos Buttler, Sanju Samson, and Shimron Hetmyer.

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