2 Positive Internet Trends That Aren’t Given Enough Credit

2 Positive Internet Trends That Aren’t Given Enough Credit

The internet has made our lives completely unrecognizable over the past 20 years or so. This change has been even more profound since we started using smartphones. Life today is unimaginable without the internet. Numerous positive trends have sprung up that were not there before the internet. While a lot of them get the credit they deserve, there are a few that don’t. Here are some of those trends.

The Internet Is Making Knowledge Look Cool

The internet in its infancy was a goldmine for geeks and nerds. They finally got a platform where they could collectively discuss geeky topics that most other people avoid. The internet has made seeking knowledge cool for everyone. Expertise in any subject matter—no matter how fictional or niche—has all of a sudden become a means to generate popularity. And although the nerds and geeks of the world may feel their space is being invaded by us common folk, in the end, it is a good thing that everyone’s knowledge base is increasing.

Less than 25 years ago, pop culture was limited to just a few mainstream things. Showing interest in anything academic like sciences or astronomy would make you a social outcast. However, today there are hundreds of thousands of people willing to take out 10 minutes of their precious time to patiently watch someone bake a cake on YouTube. Even videos on academic topics, like complex physics laws, get millions of hits.

Thanks to the internet, we have started a love affair with knowledge. Previously our visual entertainment was limited to watching sports, movies, and music videos. Consuming knowledge-based content has added novelty to our overall entertainment experience. So the internet has made all of us more intelligent. And that is something that will be hard to argue against.

The Internet Has Added a Fun Factor to Advertising

There are good reasons why mainstream print and TV ads are boring. Because they are made for a large audience, advertisers need to make them as broad and watered down as possible. If they get too clever, they risk their message getting miscommunicated to millions. If they are too long, they risk losing the attention of their audience. Worst of all, conventional ads can’t interact with their target audience. Not to mention the huge sums of money involved in buying a single 30-second ad slot on TV or a full-page ad in a newspaper. Their best bet is to make enough noise that people briefly give it importance before they grab the remote to switch to a different channel or flip the page if reading a magazine or newspaper.

The internet, however, is a different beast. Although traditional mundane ads are still very much played on content sites, like YouTube or Facebook, some ads have made their mark. Advertisers are now harnessing the strength of virality that the internet offers. They finally have the freedom to do what they always desired: spend dollars on giving a single person a unique experience. In 2012, Coke Zero did a joint promotion with the James Bond movie Skyfall.

As part of the promotion, an ad was shot on a railway station. After purchasing a can of Coke Zero from a vending machine, a screen on that machine asked purchasers if they were interested in winning a cinema ticket for Skyfall. After answering yes and entering their name, the screen would tell them they had 70 seconds to get to a designated spot within the station to claim their movie ticket. After passing through a series of obstacles, the winners were shown accepting their prizes.

(Ad video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbqTOdGU_NA)

This kind of promotion was impossible to pull off on traditional media. The internet has made this kind of content possible. The best part is that, unlike traditional media, you need not worry about which time slot to choose or which demographic to target. All you need to do is make something creative enough that it becomes viral.

Summing Up

The internet is truly one of the greatest inventions of all time. It has changed our lives like nothing else in entire human history. It is about time we give positive internet trends their due credit.

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