Everything You Need to Know About Magnifying Lamp 

Everything You Need to Know About Magnifying Lamp 

Excellent light conditions and precise magnification – that’s exactly what a magnifying lamp can deliver. Magnifying lamp are particularly well suited for work that requires great accuracy and precision. It does not play a role here whether it is for use in the office or at home. The magnifying lamp is a versatile talent that delights with practical features and great functionality. In our assortment we offer you a lot of different light magnifiers – take a look. 

What is a magnifying lamp? 

Magnifying lamps are generally very practical lamps. They can be fixed to a table with a clamp or mounted. The magnifying glass is characterized above all by its magnification, however, because it has a glass lens. This feature is the biggest advantage of the lamps. Because with the magnifying glass, small objects can be magnified several times. In addition, the lamp naturally also emits light. The magnifying lamps are additionally equipped with a movable neck. This means that you can move and tilt the lamp in all directions with the spring-loaded articulated arm. They thus always have the optimal prerequisites for current work. 

What magnifying lamps are available? 

Generally speaking, there are different versions of magnifying lamp. The difference is first of all at the level of the bulb. You have the choice between energy-saving light bulbs and LED lamps. Also, the clearest structural differences are yet to be determined. 

Magnifying lamp with table clamp 

The magnifying lamp equipped with a table clamp is very practical. The lamp can be attached effortlessly to any type of table. Thanks to the clamp, however, it can also be used everywhere else. You just need to fix it with the clamp and it’s ready to use. With this function, the lamp cannot fall. 

Magnifying lamp with stand 

The magnifying lamp with stand can also be used flexibly. However, it differs from the lamp with clamp in that it stands on the table and cannot be fixed with a clamp. 

In addition, there are magnifying lamp which are equipped with various extras with which the handling is further perfected. Some lamps have, for example, a protective cap that covers the magnifying glass. You can also find lamps on the market with a mobile stand on wheels – although this is a less common version. 

What are magnifying lamps used for? 

LED magnifying lamps are ideal for all kinds of small jobs and have since established themselves as all-round magnifiers. Therefore, many users now rely on this practical lamp. There are few areas that do not benefit from these special lamps. With these lamps, you can, for example, carry out handicrafts or electronic crafts very precisely. These magnifying lamps are also used for welding or sewing. It also serves as a work lamp in the office. Because with a magnifying lamp, all writing can be read effortlessly. The magnifying lamp has many possibilities of use: 

  • Laboratory 
  • Electrical work 
  • Manual labor 
  • Dentists 
  • Montage 
  • Cosmetic 
  • Electronic 

While the lamp is particularly used in the professional field, when precision plays a role, it is hardly different in the private setting. You can use the lamp for various handicrafts. Older people also benefit from the synergy of magnification and light. Because in this way smaller scripts can be deciphered without problems. 

How many diopters does the magnifying lamp have? 

The magnification – the power with which the object is magnified – of the LED light magnifier is always indicated in diopters. This unit of measurement thus plays a decisive role when you want to buy yourself a magnifying lamp. In general, with regard to magnification, we differentiate between the following models: 

  • 3 diopters – this corresponds to a magnification of 1.75x (175%) 
  • 5 diopters – this corresponds to a magnification of 2.25x (225%) 
  • 8 diopters – this corresponds to a magnification of 2.75x (275%) 

In general, we find that a lamp with 3 diopters is totally sufficient for many uses because the magnification appears relatively powerful. You get a virtually undistorted image over almost the entire lens area. This lens also has a particularly high depth of field. If you want to observe small things optimally in a cut-out, then you are well served with a 5-diopter light magnifier. Lamps with 8 diopters are necessary above all in the field of model making. Because it is a question here of magnifying very small objects as much as possible. If you are looking for a work lamp, a lamp with 3 diopters is therefore completely sufficient. This also applies to most crafts and DIY jobs. 

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